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Run the PowerShell script in the zip file from the SharePoint Management Shell. No further configuration is required, unless adjustment of the timer job is required. By default, the timer job runs between midnight and 4 AM on a daily basis.

Manually Running the Timer Job

To manually run the timer job, navigate to Central Administration -> Monitoring ->Review job definitions. Find the job named "Nauplius.SharePoint.FoundationSync". Click on the link and select Run Now. The job should execute within a few minutes.


In Central Administration -> System Settings -> Manage Farm Features, deactivate the feature named "Nauplius.SP.UserSync".

In Manage farm solutions, retract Nauplius.SP.UserSync. Once retracted, remove the solution.


After retracting and removing the solution from Central Administration, recycle the SPTimerV4 (SharePoint Timer) service in services.msc on all SharePoint servers in the farm. Next, follow the standard installation steps.

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